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Publishing Audits on behalf of major writers

We have performed many audits for major writers in UK , USA, Europe and Australia.

One of the major claims arising from auditing was due to the inability of affiliates/societies in the so-called manyana territories to register all compositions on the singer/writers new album properly.

In numerous cases as many as six tracks out of ten on the album would not have been registered.

Hence, no money for the client.

The income would be languishing at the local society or record company waiting to be claimed.

Big claims have arisen here.

We were in Paris undertaking an audit for the Japanese widow of a major writing talent. We heard his composition "Woman" being played on the radio at our hotel just before we started the audit – we immediately checked the writers' performance income from this song and found that he had been credited with US$60 in the previous six years.

We queried this apparent oversight with the company and were eventually told ( three months later ) that a French writer had registered the same title and had been paid the French performance income in the sum of US$30,000.

The error was eventually corrected with one very pleased Japanese lady being very grateful to us.

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