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Major Publisher's Self Audit

We were asked to replicate an audit undertaken by a top firm of US based royalty auditors.

This audit, originally undertaken in Europe on behalf of a major US independent music publisher ( sub-published by my client ) had produced claims for underpaid royalties. The audit was unresolved and was heading to a New York court for determination.

My client wanted me to establish the veracity or otherwise of the auditor's claims. We travelled to Rome and spent a few days at the major's affiliate there. The major claims in the auidit had arisen by way of the US Royalty Auditor 'extrapolating' for apparent underpayments of publishing royalties credited for the same titles in Holland.

We understand that the auditor had visited both territories to come up with the claims.

However, one major item that these esteemed auditors had failed to deduce was concerning the type of compositions being audited.

These were protestant Marching Hymns which perform very well in Amsterdam and The Hague but not quite so well in Catholic Italy.

This was a result of the auditors not seeing the wood for the trees. My client was very pleased to hear that we had dismissed the majority of the claims as quickly as the ring of one peal of bells at the Cistine Chapel.

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