What We Can Do For You

A full royalty audit will uncover royalty underpayments to the licensor, offer advice on structuring artist, writer and licensing agreements without breaking the relationship between the parties.

Our auditors have the best experience to identify key commercial issues which the royalties department may have found it hard to deal with practically.

Examples of underpayments uncovered in a royalty audit include simple maths errors, unreported changes to royalty rates at certain threshholds, errors in the royalty rate, disallowed deductions relating to definitions of gross and net sales, underreported sales and questionable licence interpretation.

High level contract reviews

Our team of experiences staff will review the commercial agreements you have in place with your licensees. We will highlight any weaknesses and ensure you are maximising any potential revenue streams which may currently be overlooked.

We’ll ensure your contracts are in line with industry trends, highlighting how outdated licensing contracts might be costing you money.

On-site assistance and review

As companies grow organically, you may not have in place adequate administration procedures to regularly verify, monitor and collect outstanding royalty payments due to you – we have staff who have worked extensively in these areas who can help you with your requirements here.

Commercial due diligence

In cases of acquisition, joint venture or development of a commercial partnership, we can offer a financial due diligence service. Our experienced team of due diligence experts, with vast experience across a wide variety of industry areas, will undertake a high level review of the target, analyse the commercial opportunity and, having agreed a scope with the client, will report on viability and highlight issues.

Others get stuck in documents and paper trails, we work in areas others cannot reach!

Please contact us if you are interested in conducting a royalty audit of any of the above types of income stream.

Please also contact us if you are the potential beneficiary of any unclaimed music royalties. These may be due to you as a consequence of a third party failing to pay you royalties that you are entitled to.

Of course you might have a query concerning unclaimed internet royalties, in which case do get in touch. Bevis & Co can certainly help with online unclaimed royalties advice.

The royalty audit services that we provide should not be confused or regarded to be similar to a statutory audit as required the Companies Act.