What We Can Do For You

Since 1986 Chris has been developing his skills as a royalty auditor with Bevis and Co and has undertaken almost 2,000 royalty audits for clients in the music, record, film, book and computer games industries.

Bevis & Co boast an impressive history of clients, and have enjoyed relationships with Sony, Universal, Beggars Banquet, MOS and Domino on the corporate side, as well as Lennon and McCartney, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, The Clash, Dido, Enya, Jamie Cullum, Primal Scream and Bill Bailey on the artist and writer side.

As an example of Bevis & Co’s royalty auditing abilities, on the first audit conducted for one major female artist, we found under accountings of music royalties approaching two million pounds which was approximately 20% of royalties earned during the audit period.

So far it is estimated that Bevis & Co have uncovered total under accounting of music royalties of approximately £250m.

Bevis & Co’s expertise now encompasses book publication, video games, joint ventures and film audits as well as the more traditional areas of music royalties and record royalties audits and examinations. We have undertaken many ‘music royalties due diligence’ exercises including the purchase of catalogues such as EG Music, Cirque de Soleil, All Boys Music (Pete Waterman) for the likes of BMG Music Publishing and BMG Rights Management.

You can expect drive, enthusiasm and determination when we’re scouring your accounts for unclaimed royalties, the team is proactive and is out there 24/7.

One last comment from Bill Bailey “Basically, Chris is brilliant. He will save you money”

If you think there are music royalties out there to be found for you then please give us a call or send or us an email NOW.